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Re: Why do people keep saying Voyager weakened the Borg?

Actually, it was TNG: The Best of Both Worlds Part II that hopelessly kneecapped the Borg, by so easily defeating them with the sleep command. Before anyone tries to come back with "but it wasn't so easy", let's imagine how many species the Borg have assimilated. Are we to believe that none of them are as ingenious or capable as humans? Puh-lease.

Really the problem is: Humans, and especially our hero-ship, must prevail. Therefore, we can't have an arch-enemy that is truly bad-ass. TBOBW1 was an excellent episode and ended with a brilliant cliffhanger, no question about it. But it painted the Ent-D into a corner for which the resolution was lame, lame, lame. And afterwards, in later episodes, we were beaten to death with the "individualism will win out over collectivism" metaphor in I Borg, but most egregiously in the Descent two-parter. The idea that the Borg would malfunction just because Hugh was re-assimilated was ludicrous. Again we have to imagine just how many times this problem must have come up before for the Borg. Are we to assume that no species except humans interacted with a drone temporarily isolated from the Collective? PUH-LEASE.

All this having been said, Seven of Nine was an excellent character, beautiful and intellectually gifted. I found her to be a welcome addition to VOY. Yes she was great to look at, but the show would not have been as engaging to me as it was without her character.

I believe any unrealistic weakness the Borg displayed in being vulnerable to those pesky humans is traceable to TNG:TBOBW2.
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