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Re: Captain America: The First Avenger-Review, Discuss, Grade, Sequel,

B+ from me.

Of all the superhero movies this year, this was definitely the most fun and well-executed. Loved seeing all the retro Cap costumes, and Evans was likeable as hell.

Unfortunately what held it back from being great was a truly rousing or thrilling superhero theme. There were several times when I wanted to cheer and get pumped up (such as when Cap returns with the soldiers), but the moment just sat there because the generic score did nothing for it. It was frustrating as hell.

And count me as one of those who felt the second half felt a bit rushed. We have all this great buildup to him putting on the final Captain America suit.... and then suddenly we get a montage of him in action, he fights Red Skull, and the movie's over. And did he ever have to train or anything? It's like he just became an expert fighter from out of nowhere.

The other thing that kind of bugged me is we never see Rogers be all that, well, superhuman. I admit I don't know the character that well, and I get that he doesn't have any actual powers, but all he really comes across here is as a soldier who happens to be a bit buffer and who wears a snazzier costume than the others. I just didn't see what was supposed to be so special and unique about him.

I would have loved to see him get in a one-on-one fight with some gigantic brute of a man, or show some great display of strength or something.

Still though, this feels like one of those rare movies (like the Rocketeer) that will only improve and seem even COOLER with each viewing.
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