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Re: I.S.S. Titan & I.S.S. Ares

Here is a $40.00 Customization of a design out of my fleet for Glenn Judd. He wanted a fast attack cruiser for Section 31.
He requested more Weapons.

So I gave him For and Aft Mega Phasers on the Nacelle Struts and under the Weapons pod on the underside of the saucer. I swapped out the Nacelles with my Ent-F Nacelles.

With Section 31 being the Secret Police of the Terran Empire we decided that they would have ships that would be enforcers.

There are Section 31 Starships like Voyager that operate in the open and have Registry number on their hulls, and there are Enforcement ship that just have the Section 31 Logo on the hull.

An Imperial Standard Fleet ship seeing one of these ships on approach should be aware. Because they are here to take care of
any ship that has broken from Imperial Protocol.

With Ships Like Voyager Section 31 is sent to investigate if there is a problem with just a few crewmembers on offending ships or bases. With the Enforcement Fleet they shoot first and don't stop to ask questions.

Also these ships run without Transponders that Offending ships can hack into. They run on transponders only accessible to other
Section 31 ships.

These ships are also equipped with Cloaks. Unfortunately the Empire still hasn't cracked how to safely equip ships with cloaks that are able to fire while cloak. They have however solved the problem with shielding while de-cloaking. So the ship is fully shielded
when de-cloaking.

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