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Re: Questions for Bring Back Janeway Panel

Lynx wrote: View Post
If it had been those who were in charge of the TV show, they wouldn't have bothered to have a debate with the fans.
Well, Kirsten hasn't had a debate either. She answered fan questions and offered explanations for certain decisions.

And those "in charge of the show" most certainly took opportunities to answer fan questions and offer explanations. Gene Roddenberry, Michael Pillar, Jeri Taylor, Lolita Fajo (who coordinated the open fans'/newcomers' script submission process for TNG), Ron Moore, Brannon Braga and many others have attended conventions, chatted to fans, listened to critiques, responded to complaints, etc. Janice Rand, Beverly Crusher and Spock returned to the "Star Trek" universe partly due to pressure/interest from fans.

Insteda they would have come up with some morbid story in which Janeway returns as a total lunatic determined to destroy the ship and then she would have been killed of in some bestialic way at the end of the story.
But... they didn't.

Anyway, correct me if I'm wrong but I get the impression that there are certain "guidelines" set by those in charge of the book company.
No, the main guideline the licensees must follow is that the tie-ins conform to events shown in canon (ie. on-screen). The editors of the Relaunch books do develop a possible broad direction for ongoing plots, but the various authors fill in the details themselves, but everything must be approved by the team at CBS Licensing, who act on behave of the copyright owner, CBS (previously Paramount/Viacom.)

So I have to ask a question: Isn't it a bit frustrating to have other people tell you what to write and not?
When you were a kid at school, weren't you ever set a topic for storywriting? Should fiction writing always be "free choice"? Some people perform at their best when writing to strict parameters.

I mean, I would get one of my well-known outbursts of rage if someone told me that I must kill off one of my main characters in my fanfiction stories.
As you would say, it's science fiction. There are hundreds of ways you can bring them back.

And when it comes to how much the books are selling, imagine how many more people who would buy the books if Janeway was back.
A drop in the ocean. Just as many might stop buying because they hate Reset Buttons.

And the only way to create some edge to the stories is to kill off beloved characters from the series?
No, but that's what some fans were asking Pocket Books to be brave enough to do. Perhaps as many as didn't want Janeway to die?

I don't think that those fans are a majority among the Star Trek fans.
There may be more of these than those who love Janeway. How do you plan to count them?

And if they want doom, gloom and death, then they can watch BSG or the daily news.
None of which is remotely likely to give them the "Star Trek" book they are asking to read. The recent novels with "doom, gloom and death" are actually very uplifting as the Starfleet heroes rise to face the various tragedies.
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