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Re: Seven Of Nine/Jeri Ryan Appreciation Thread

teacake wrote: View Post
They brought her in for her looks and what they got was a fascinating character with one of the best story arcs and character developments in all of Trek.
Quoted for truth.

I never liked Voyager back when it was first aired. I was TNG fan by then and I didn't enjoy Voyager as I did with TNG. I remember watching it until Scorpions and then I didn't see anymore episodes... until a few months ago that my guy started watching it again (you know, to watch something and not get bored) I ignored it but, as a fan of The Borg that I'm, I sat down to watch Scorpions again and I thought that it was nice but, in a couple of days I saw The Gift and, in the final scene where you can see Seven in her silver biosuit and she turns around to say "Red" to Janeway... there she got me and I knew that I need to watch all her episodes.

I adore Janeway, but I started to like her through Seven and the way she improved thanks to their relationship.

There is still a lot of hate against Seven (right this morning I read the nice nickname someone gave her: Borg bitch) and I still do not know why, after several years people do not accept that she was a terrific character that improved a show with bad scripts and dull characters (Why did the writers did that? It was a waste of good characters)

Yes, like you all said, she was brought by the look, and I won't deny that she looked amazing but she brought good scripts, plots... and showed us that behind that beauty, there was a good actress and a very interesting and deep character.

Ninjacore wrote: View Post
7 of 9 is way hotter than Janeway, tho T'pol is hotter than 7 of 9.
I still find 7 of 9 hotter than T'pol. I see T'pol and I do not feel anything.

My rank:

7 of 9 - Janeway -T'pol

and by hotter I mean not only the looks but the personality too.

Jetfire wrote: View Post
That is a great vid. I actually enjoyed Boston Public. I haven't checked out 'Body Of Proof' yet. I am a bad Jeri Ryan fan.
I have watched a couple of episodes but, psss, those series do not catch my attention. I'm a bad fan too.
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