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Re: Captain America: The First Avenger-Review, Discuss, Grade, Sequel,

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... I really liked Howard Stark, though I wonder why they didn't use the actor from IronMan 2?
I think because that version of Howard Stark is supposed to be twenty or more years older than the version seen workin' with Captain America.

In this movie, he's still young, flirty & presumably single. Definately not a father yet, that's for sure. And we saw Tony in the old reel to reel in Iron Man 2.

Or the guy may have been busy filmin' The Adjustment Bureau or Mad Men & couldn't reprise the role with hair dye & pancake make up.
Yeah that makes sense, either way I liked this version of Howard, he reminded me of Tony when he's showing off that car.

On the Avengers trailer, it really looks like Tony/ RDJ will be the stand out character and will be the one to really pull the group together. His charisma will lead the group. It will be interesting to see Sam Jackson finally kicking ass. On another note, it looks like Red Skull will return possibly when Thor or Loki returns?
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