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Re: Questions for Bring Back Janeway Panel

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I'm surprised to hear that the people that decide the direction of these stories don't, even in some way, consider the fans opinions in the matter. Surely they must consider something --- otherwise, why even bother having this panel? What would be the purpose of it other than to allow a place for people to constructively vent and for your clarification of the story process?

Correct me if I've misunderstood something.

Again, thank you for participating here. I love your writing.


I guess fan opinions matter in the sense that if sales of the books are affected in some perceivable way, the editors might consider changing course or authors. But when it comes to story specifics, fan opinions can't matter because they are always widely divergent. It may seem like the fans who want Kathryn Janeway back are the only or biggest group out there, but in my experience, they aren't, and their opinions do not reflect much of what I've heard about the novels since they started coming out. This does not, however, invalidate their opinions and I think for a long time most of them have thought just that...their opinions don't matter. What they need to understand is that no one's opinions matter in the way they seem to think they should...and why that is.

The purpose of the panel was, my attempt, futile though it seems to have been, to make sure that the Janeway fans, and those who felt strongly otherwise, had a chance to air their concerns directly to someone who is really connected to the process and hopefully that in addressing their specific questions I could offer some fresh insight into the process for them. I kept hearing for so long that no one was listening to them, and that troubled me. I wanted to make sure they knew that I was listening, even if I haven't yet been able to write a story that they find appealing.

Well, I got to give you a lot of credit for giving us fans a chance to discuss this matter with you. If it had been those who were in charge of the TV show, they wouldn't have bothered to have a debate with the fans. Insteda they would have come up with some morbid story in which Janeway returns as a total lunatic determined to destroy the ship and then she would have been killed of in some bestialic way at the end of the story.

Anyway, correct me if I'm wrong but I get the impression that there are certain "guidelines" set by those in charge of the book company. So I have to ask a question: Isn't it a bit frustrating to have other people tell you what to write and not? I mean, I would get one of my well-known outbursts of rage if someone told me that I must kill off one of my main characters in my fanfiction stories.

And when it comes to how much the books are selling, imagine how many more people who would buy the books if Janeway was back.

Therin of Andor wrote:

Only about six months before Janeway's character died, the BBS had a heap of fan complaints that the ST licenced tie-ins were toothless. Like the shows, most major changes were too easily undone by The Reset Button. That they didn't "have the balls" to do something substantial with one of the main characters and change the status quo with a character death. With no reset button.

I'm sure those fans feel that their opinions were finally being considered by "the people that decide the direction of these stories".
And the only way to create some edge to the stories is to kill off beloved characters from the series?

Hardly conmstructive at all.

As for those fans, I don't think that those fans are a majority among the Star Trek fans. And if they want doom, gloom and death, then they can watch BSG or the daily news.
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