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Re: Why do people keep saying Voyager weakened the Borg?

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Note: the beam wasn't a tractor beam it served the purpose of draining the shields. Later they muffed this up in Emissary because the Beam is clearly blue that does the same task.
Well it also had them trapped so if it isn't a tractor beam, what is it? It's uh... it's green.
They didn't call it a tractor beam at first.
They merely said the beam was holding them in place. It didn't look like a tractor beam either.

The point is they didn't spontaneously decide to make everything green in FC, they were just beefing up the original style.
That's your point.
My point is that everything when radically green. Noticing a touch of green isn't the same as throwing a bucket of green paint on everything. That's what they did. The Ships turned green, green spot lights green shields, green control panels...

Anwar wrote: View Post
The shields were being drained by the blue tractor beam in BOBW as well.
I still can't tell from You Tube what color that is...some look blue others look green but the difference is that after Qwho the beam has that fluctuating tractor beam effect and the original didn't.
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