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Re: Captain America: The First Avenger-Review, Discuss, Grade, Sequel,

I say A.

As usual, I offer my gut reactions:

-Chris Evans nailed the Brooklyn kid who didn't like bullies, and I wasn't as weirded out by the CGI 100-pound-weakling as I thought I would be.

-Peggy Carter...hmmm...bitch can shoot.

-Nice to see that the women had actual Forties figures (hourglass) and not 21st century supermodel builds (beanpoles with boobs).

-This is the part where I usually complain about how Hollywood never tries to do the costume as drawn. Can't this time. They did three costumes as drawn and worked them all.

-Is it just me, or did they try to make Howard Stark look like Leo DiCaprio's Howard Hughes?

-Did everybody else feel a rush when Cap threw "His Mighty Shield" the first time?

-Speaking of, Vibranium? I thought it was made of Adamantium. Does Fox still own that term from the X-Men movies or something?

-One thing I can't get past is the revisionist history where Hydra is the great menace we faced in World War 2. No, it was Nazis, national socialist goosestepping racists that walked around with a tribal symbol as their standard. Former Nazis (like Baron Wolfgang Von Strucker) led Hydra, but Hydra was Chaos to Shield's Control, a post-war terrorist menace. It just flips my switches when somebody in Hollywood decides, "Oh we can't show swastikas in a superhero film," when the film's about a guy who got his start punching the head swastika in the face!

-Anybody else wanna see Big TV Arnim Zola with limbs? Anybody?

-I name Tommy Lee Jones THE MAN. I do not name people THE MAN lightly. He is THE MAN.

Anyway, A.
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