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Re: Captain America: The First Avenger-Review, Discuss, Grade, Sequel,

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- With Captain America's shield being one of a kind, I kept worrying that he'd lose it. Then what?
Yep; he's lost his shield a few times in the comics (a couple of times even had it shattered), and Cap had to come up with something else. The most creative solution was the photon shield Stark designed to generate from Cap's glove; Cap could even rapid fire shield sized energy disks.

One thing they didn't get into in the movie was why they would use a one-of-a-kind alloy to make a round, medieval style shield. In the comics, the scientists were actually trying to create tanks out of that material, but only one test ever succeeded. And the one success? Well, it came out in the form of the test piece they were running - the round, domed hatch of a tank.
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