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Re: Friends With Benefits - Grading & Discussion

I just saw this and since you can probably guess where the story goes, I'll just talk about the other things needed to carry the movie and make it interesting, like good characters and good delivery. Does it have that? I'd say so. Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake deliver as good looking 20-somethings who are getting over relationships and don't want anything serious when they first meet and hit it off. As actors, they both handle the relationship stuff, the sex talk and the action in bed quite well. It almost came off like they were ad-libbing some of their dialog. As if the director just set the camera on them and let them have at it in a lot of scenes. The two characters also make fun of romantic comedies and their various clichés, and in a number of cases, the movie actually goes with those clichés just so that it, or the two leads can poke fun at them. How does this movie compare to No Strings Attached? I'd say they're about the same, but this movie has more of that seemingly ad-libbed dialog I mentioned. And although there's nudity and more frankness in the sex talk and sex scenes, there isn't enough to make this the much raunchier movie I thought it would be. The raciest stuff is in the trailer. In the end, the movies are a lot more similar than I thought. I guess I'll say I prefer No Strings just because I'm a fan of Natalie Portman.
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