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Re: Captain America: The First Avenger-Review, Discuss, Grade, Sequel,

I finished watching this at a midnight show 7hrs ago in 2-D with a packed crowd.

Grade: A-

You can tell that Thor and Captain America were both done at the same time and more in synch than when IM and TIH were done. Now I love TIH, wish it had caught on just saying that Thor and Cap are both high quality and if there is justice will at worst perform the same at the box office.

Captain America opens in the present day with some SHIELD agents answering a call by some Arctic Circle researchers who've stumbled on something BIG. The agents uncover Cap and then we are whisked back to 1942.

The "skinny" Steve part of the movie sells you on the character. They do a really great job of showing why Erskine is going to pick him for the project. Not once was I ever thinking Evans looks off right here. The affect was excellent.

Evans does a great job as Cap/Steve. He really brings out the heart of the character in a way I wasn't sure he could. I knew he could look the part when cast. However, roles like PUSH, Losers and Johnny in FF don't sell you on an actor whose going to pull off the humbleness of Steve Rogers. He does just that, he acts the required part and did it convincingly. Acting, huh, who knew?

Haley Atwell as Peggy Carter is brilliant and looks fine in every scene. Even with her hair wet out on the frontlines. That red dress at the pub though, WOW!! You really do sense the attraction that is there before they really reveal it's there.

Hugo Weaving as Red Skull was fantastic. Skull is a more 1 dimensional bad guy and kudos to Weaving for bringing the flair to the part. He and Evans share 3 scenes that I counted and each one was fun to watch.

Tommy Lee Jones, I guess I expected him to be a glorified cameo but he had a real big part in the film and has some of the best lines really. The one "he's still skinny" is just one of several great lines.

Regarding the foreign markets reaction I can't say unless you just have a predisposed bias against anything you recognize as AMERICAN you'd not like this. If your an action movie fan, a period piece fan then this should be right up your alley. Outside of the USO War Bonds selling moments(where it is intentional propaganda) there isn't anything that screams "AMERICA F&CK Yeah!"

Armin Zola was great as the quirky side kick to Red Skull. Not in the funny "kick him around" type way. In the "there is genius here, don't screw with it" way but the character recognizes Skull's madness and plays along accordingly.

I'll be seeing this again shortly. Can't wait.

PS-YES there is a teaser for THE AVENGERS, sit tight it's very much worth it. A montage mostly but a few spoken lines.
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