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Re: Captain America: The First Avenger-Review, Discuss, Grade, Sequel,

Came back a while ago, man it was good, I am so pumped from the movie and then the Avengers teaser that I drove around and then popped by my gym for a workout.

Good- the casting is perfect, Evans is Cap America now, no one can replace him, just as Reeves owns Superman and RDJ is Iron man. The Cap seen here is just such an earnest and good character, without being naive or silly like the Donner superman movies, that you just want this guy as your buddy, and you just want to root for this guy. OMG the action scenes were great, and the Howling commandos were good- wish there was more screen time for them, but it was enough to give a lasting impression. Bucky was perfectly done, the scene foreshadowing his future was perfect.. Humor- only a few spots but they were well done, Cap is not a wise ass, this is not GL part deux.

Bad- 1-because I've read a Cap comic here and there the two major deaths weren't that affecting- I know they have a future. 2- the ending wasn't an ending as much as the film felt like it stopped mid sentence, and then the credits roll, it was weird.

the Avengers teaser after the credits was awesome, but waaaaay too fast.
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