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Which is unfortunate. It leads to bad PR, in my opinion. And honestly, it's not even that it's secret that it's the problem, as that's quite normal among the development process of any studio developing something, revealing things as they enter different phases of development. It's how information about it is being revealed that's the problem. If they're going to reveal something, they need to also give some context.

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If we look at their history of releasing details, they often release them with no context whatsoever leaving people to figure things out. Being that these would be major changes to how the game plays, they should have given context.
It wasn't like this with previous updates, it's like this now because when the Minecraft community on reddit heard that 1.7 was going to be the adventure update they got all excited and petitioned Notch to keep all the details secret so that they could be surprised. Back then, people assumed that the update would only include a few new monsters and items and that it would be out within in a month, and even though the Adventure Update is now clearly going to be the biggest update to the game with many game-changing elements, it's still being kept mostly secret because of that stupid petition. I just want to know how all this stuff will work and how to prepare, instead we're getting teaser shots and vague details over twitter.
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