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Re: Spider-Man movie (casting, rumors, pix till release)

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I think for me it resembles a Fincher movie because of the color scheme and the tone. Fincher's movies always have a rich and dense color platette and you can immediately tell it is a Fincher movie because of that.

While the color scheme in The Amazing Spider-Man doesn't resemble that to an overwhelming degree, there are similarities. For example, and I am no colorist expert, but there always seems to be a lot of grungy colors in Fincher's movies. Fight Club, for instance, which had a lot of dark, muted colors. The same can be said for pretty much every Fincher movie, including The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. I almost feel like brown and dark gold are colors used consistently in Fincher's movies, and right off the bat, those are colors that populate the world of The Amazing Spider-Man.

Tone-wise, Fincher's movies are always darkly serious. There are some moments of black comedy sprinkled throughout all of his movies, most particularly Fight Club, but he always does almost drab, serious, and dark films dealing with heavy subject matter. The tone is always deftly serious, and from the onset that's the tone I get from The Amazing Spider-Man, at least from the trailer. There are some moments of levity, like when Gwen accosts Peter for snooping around, but for the most part the trailer is played very straight and very serious. To me it seems very much inspired by the works of Fincher, at least sub-consciously.

Lastly, like I've said before, the POV Spider-Man sequence at the end of the trailer looked like it could have come from the opening credit sequence of Panic Room. I'm sure The Amazing Spider-Man will have its own identity and will likely be a good balance of serious and comedic elements, and might not be as dark as the trailer suggests, but those were just the first impressions I got from watching the trailer.
Thanks for answering that, JA. I still respectfully don't see it, though. Colour pallette's and tone don't really make a director for me, at least not Fincher.

It's hard to tell without seeing the whole movie, of course, but I don't see what I think is recognizable Fincher in that trailer. One of his most unique qualities is his obsessive compulsive attention to detail. For instance...I don't think the rain on the porch through the door when Peter's parents are leaving would make it into a Fincher movie. He's that precise, and that rain is too...unnatural. That's just one example.

I also don't see Fincher's eye for camera movement in the trailer, another one of his key sylistics flourishes. Fincher compliments movement in the frame with the movement in his camera. Not to mention Fincher's keen eye for framing. Neither of these specificities do I see in this trailer. Compare the look of "The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo" trailer to this one, and I really don't think I see any Fincher here.

Of course, I'm not saying this is a bad trailer, nor am I complaining. I think the trailer is fantastic, and it of course doesn't have to look like a Fincher movie. It should look like a Webb movie. I'm just not sure what those look like after only seeing (500) Days... But Webb is a talented director, and I look forward to seeing what does with Spider-Man after seeing this great trailer.

I'm not even sure I'd want Fincher to do a Spider-Man movie. Wolverine, however, might be a sight to see.
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