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That's because they never mentioned wether it would or not. Honestly, if they're going to spill out details like that, I'd really like it if they'd say for what modes they're going to be for, rather than making people panic. I'm just being the messenger sharing the info that I saw, and I didn't specify anything because the info didn't. I just took what was on the forum's main page which didn't have very much info. If you go look on the forum site, you'll see it has no context at all. I also thought they'd be default behaviours because of that. If we look at their history of releasing details, they often release them with no context whatsoever leaving people to figure things out. Being that these would be major changes to how the game plays, they should have given context. Naturally, without any at all to form a basis from, one could easily assume that this would be applied globally to the game as a major gameplay change.

And the post in question is this:

But yeah, I agree with Robert. I like things simple and I'd hate for them to overcomplicate things. And I agree that Notch seems to be rather out of touch with what people want at times. After the map update, I haven't been keeping my hopes up for anything groundbreaking from the adventure update. The maps ended up being totally useless due to the resolution they use. It's one of those things that people likely use once and never touch again. I recently installed a minimap that totally blows that out of the water and is actually useful. The Adventure update is likely to be completely different than what a lot of people are thinking it will look like and somehow I have a feeling that people will discover villages and never return to them again.

There are other updates as well. Apparently there's going to be chicken that you can cook as well as a change in map height:

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