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Re: Every Star Trek Blueprint in existence!?!

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CRA - lemme throw this one on you...what if JJ comes out and admits that he made the E too big in the first film and decides to re-size it to something more scale accurate? Would you rank on him for having made the mistake in the first place or rank on him for admitting he was wrong and not sticking to his own continuity?

I mean, either way you're going to find fault with him, I'm just curious what direction you'd go in.

I think the ship is awful...just awful no matter what size and frankly I don't care what direction Abrams goes wether he admits stupidity of Star Trek or resizes it. I think for the next movie they should have Kirk, or better yet Spock, wake up in in quarters and realize the 2009 Star Trek film was a bad dream. At least that way they can do away with that gigantic flying catastrophy, undo undoing all of Gene Roddenberry's Star Trek history and have a second try. In my eyes USS Kelvin was a much cooler design than the reimagined USS Edselprise. They could have easily updated the look of TOS Enterprise without making it butt ugly, out of proportion and out of scale.

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