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Re: Questions for Bring Back Janeway Panel


I don't believe your attempt here is futile at all. In fact quite the opposite. I wish more authors would take the stance you've demonstrated. Not only was I able to air my concerns, they were heard, responded to (by the author!) and I received further information that caused me to re-evaluate my position objectively; and, I learned a few things about the writing process that I really hadn't understood.

At this moment, despite my want for Janeway to return, I now feel at peace with all of it, because I know more about what's going on. Had you not cared enough to take this time, I'd still be frustrated, joining the many other voices that felt betrayed for reasons of their own. ((THANK YOU))

I doubt I'm alone in being grateful for your being here.

Even with the absence of Janeway (thus far, and hopeful I remain), your stories and writing style are *very* appealing. You really have a talent for this, and I'm hoping you get to continue churning out these novels for a long, long time... as long as your fingers and mind can stand it :-)

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