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Re: How is Janeway sexy?

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...One thing about the original topic (Janeway's sexiness).
I think it's kind of sad that every sex symbol our culture throws at us is barely out of their teens. Actually, they seem to start IN their teens and it's kind of perverse. As soon as Hannah Montana or Hermione Granger turns 21 then it's time for the Maxim photo shoot or for them to go all Lindsey Lohan.
To me Gweneth Paltrow and Catherine Zeta Jones are sexy and I don't feel like I'm ogling a kid who was in gym class last week. Older women can be sexy and it's kind of nice that they know what you're talking about when you talk about things that happened more than fifteen years ago.
Janeway wasn't that old when Voyager started but I think that's part of the whole debate. Whey you have a doe eyed Kes or Seven of Nine around people are like "Janewhat? Sorry, I lost my train of thought." And that's fine. Seven and Kes at least appeared to be well into their twenties (Maybe Kes was close to mid twenties? She acted older at least). But Janeway is certainly an attractive woman.
(P.S. Swagga video. Lol. Janewayrulz )

It's a bit early in the day for me to join you in a gin rickey toast, Thomas, but I'll raise my 2nd cup of coffee in agreement and solidarity!
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