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Re: Spider-Man movie (casting, rumors, pix till release)

I only had the most marginal of interest in TASM, but, after seeing that trailer, said interest has increased dramatically. Yes, it's another origin story for the character (which I'm fine with), but, judging by what we see, it is presented in a manner that is different from what we've previously seen, at least in some respects.

I personally have no issue with Andrew Garfield playing a HS-age Peter Parker, since it's no different than what has been done in countless other movies; I also think that, with the glasses and the haircut, Garfield definitely looks like he could fit in in a HS setting (at least IMO).

Tonally, the film - at least juding by this trailer - seems to be more evocative of the more recent Harry Potter films, or even Batman Begins, which I actually think will work well because it helps set the film apart from Raimi's trilogy.
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