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Re: Why do people keep saying Voyager weakened the Borg?

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You guys forget Intrepid is Fighting Starship, it's Galaxy equivalent at the least in Firepower. Janeway litterally informs one Borg ship that Voyager can match their firepower and it was no idol threat. Voyager disable their shields in two hits..
That was a tiny scout ship, not a Cube.

Plus I think the Intrepid is itself a scout ship and/or science vessel more than anything.
I never said it was a Cube, just that it was a Borg Ship that in itself is pretty significant that it beat a ship its equivalent size with extreme easy.

Intrepid is a cruiser like most Federation ships.
It has more phasers than a Galaxy Class or Sovereign Class Starship, The best sensors in the fleet (at the time) scanning for a distance of 15 lightyears in just seconds, Likely Galaxy equivalent shields, and some extremely powerful photon torpedoes.

In Basics we see that Firepower on bare hull and it's ridiculous that Voyager took out a ship 1200 meters long with 3 torpedoes and a phaser barrage. Remember this ship's First mission was a combat mission, you don't send scouts on combat mission. Scouts are for recon. This was a crusier assignment just like any Galaxy, Nebula or Excelsior would get.

Many think Voyager is a science vessel or Scout but no scout ship would be that big with a crew that size. Defiant is more like a scout ship if you believe it's 120 meter popular size (which I don't) And No science ship would need a speed 3 times that of the Galaxy to do it's mission. Voyager was nothing less than state-of-the art and a formidable offensive weapon. Among all the ship in Star Fleet Intrepid is second only to the Nemesis Sovereign in phasers and torpedo hardpoints.

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Rick Berman is to blame.
If I had a penny for every time I heard that...

Rick Berman is to blame for giving us many years of enjoyable Star Trek after Gene Rodenberry died. Yes, it was imperfect - just as Star Trek was imperfect in the years prior to him taking over.

As for the OP and the Borg: "Invincible" enemies, as the Borg were portrayed as up until "Descent" (when Beverly, of all people, assisted by a group of newbie halfwits, effortlessly destroyed a Borg ship), lose their aura of invincibility when they're defeated time and time again. It was inevitable.

They were still cool villains, IMO. And they'll be back one day.
If your enemy is stronger than you, you must find unconventional ways to defeat them. Beverly relied on her skill set. I didn't have a problem. Where the Borg Become senseless idiots is when they send a single cube time after time to destroy an entire sovereignty like the Federation. (First Contact) and time travel back in time when you fail...(First Contact) instead of going back in time first and using the Cube to assimilate Earth (First Contact) and when you do get to Earth of the past you use "firecrackers" instead of of a thermonuclear warhead to destroy the famed test facility of Zephram Cochrane....(First Contact)

What ever invincibility they had after TNG died in movie....

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