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Re: Questions for Bring Back Janeway Panel

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Hi, all

My question is, why does Star Trek : Voyager Lit continue to fall back on the old 'yank their chains and then hit the reset button' tease used to such bad effect on the show?
I have to admit, I'm a litle confused by this question, but here goes.


Janeway's death had been established prior to Full Circle. If you are saying that Full Circle yanked chains by showing the consumation of Janeway and Chakotay's relationship, only to kill her a few pages later...that certainly wasn't the intent.
Apologies for not making it clearer. Yes, that's what I'm saying. The J/C 'timeline' (culminating in Janeway's death so soon after the consummation) was such a tease. Some would say that the J/C arc was about 15 years in the making in real-time as Voy started in 1995 - and the consummation was so swiftly followed by a bucket of iced water from the character's (and our) point of view. It was unbelievable, and to me, rather callous. Talk about flashing the tray of brownies to a hungry kid and then whisking them away again

But, anyway - thank you for at least entering into a dialogue with Janeway fans over this. I realise that you were handed a poisoned chalice after Peter David did the deed, and you did what you could to give us SOMETHING It's my hope that one day Janeway will be brought back from the Q, cash in her Admiral's rank-bar, and lead from the front again side by side with Chakotay and as many of her old crew as possible


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