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Re: Spider-Man movie (casting, rumors, pix till release)

I can't stop watching this trailer. I think the radical shift in tone separates Raimi's movies and this one apart pretty drastically. Raimi's movies were always light-hearted and bright, and this looks considerably darker and more mature. Even when Spider-Man 3 went into "darker" territory it still had that slapstick, wise-cracking feel of a Sam Raimi movie.

It also seems that this movie is going to tread slightly different water than Raimi's first movie. We get to see Peter's parents here and based on the trailer, something to do with secrets. I think Marc Webb and his writers have concocted something different enough to warrant this reboot. At least I hope so.

Also, on top of that, it just feels like a David Fincher movie. The look, the tone, the feel. Even that POV swinging sequence felt like it came from the opening credit sequence of Panic Room. I think I'm excited for this film solely for the darker tone and feel. I liked Raimi's movies a lot, but a lot of the times they were way too corny and sappy for me. The Amazing Spider-Man looks darker, and apparently is grounded in a sense of realism, verses the hyperrealism of Raimi's movies, and I'm really excited for that.
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