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This is coming from a newcomer to the ME universe (having bought and beaten ME2 during the Steam Summer Sale), but can someone just pinch the VA for Male Shepard so he EMOTES? Dear god, it's like listening to a toddler read Shakespeare.
^Partly the reason why I tend to stick to femsheps.
To be fair though, I think it was a conscious choice on Meers' part to keep the tone within a limited range, so that no matter what dialogue options the player chooses it all feels consistent. But yeah, it does necessarily mean it all comes out sounding rather bland.

Hale on the other hand tends to just really go for it. Much more interesting and emotive, but if you alternate between paragon and renegade, she can sometimes sound a little bi-polar.

Though I do prefer Hale's work, both actors made a valid choice and it's really a matter of personal taste, Regardless, I think this video rather aptly highlights the dramatic difference between the two approaches. Night and day, no?

As for ME3, I'd love if it they gave you even more facial and hair customization for a new Shepard, and allow you to customize the locked armor sets, at least as far as paint and patterns go.
I think the word is that there will be some improvements in the hair department and IIRC I think they're talking about being able to modify the hair of an imported Shep. Not sure if that's just at the start or an option available throughout (probably the former.)

I don't feel like giving up my typical iridescent paint scheme for a walking ad for Cerberus.
I think what bothered me most about the non-N7 armour sets was the lack of a helmet toggle. I mean what's the point of a custom made face if you can't see it half the time?
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