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Re: Ray's TAS shuttlecraft...

Done. My originally planned interior gave me an unexpected surprise of a craft that would have been quite a bit smaller than I thought I would get. So after finishing the plans I opted to up the scale a bit that also gives me more interior space. and a 6ft. ceiling interior cabin. In place of the nacelles seen onscreen I've put antigrav housings on both sides which are smaller in profile and designed for less hydrodynamic drag. Indeed for less drag I've opted for more rounded off edges all around, most particularly in the bow area.

I've yet to start labeling the drawing for the sheets, but you should be able to recognize certain things. The band that goes across the top of the bow and down onto the sides is meat to be a set of environmental sensor arrays. On the top and bottom you can also see that craft's ballast valves. From the from you can see a large subsurface illumination panel behind which are a collection of powerful lamps to pierce failing visibility as the craft descends to greater depths. To each side of the illumination panel are the navigational as well as the space and planetary sensor arrays.Just under the illumination panel you can see a small panel which is where the (usually) recessed phaser emitter is located. From aft you can see the field directional controls similar to what I have on the scoutship. You can also clearly see the round exhaust ports of the twin hydrojet motors... DOH! I just realized I forgot to add the hydrojet intakes---gotta fix that. Underneath you can see the antigrav stabilizers as well as the lower ballast valves. And finally on the port side of the lower hull you can see the research package deploy hatch for releasing mission specific miniprobes.

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