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Re: Star Trek: Voyager: Children Of The Storm Review Thread

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and Q is a notorious liar.
And Lady Q is not better than he.
Where did you get that idea? The facts say otherwise. "The Q and the Gray" established that she routinely "nagged" Q for his "irresponsible behavior." And "Q2" revealed that she was so humiliated by their son's even more reckless and irresponsible behavior that she disowned him. So clearly she wasn't the same kind of troublemaking prankster as Q, but considered such behavior shameful and unacceptable. She was rude and condescending toward humans, but not deceitful or prone to capricious tricks.

Anyway, I think Kirsten Beyer is doing very well without Janeway, I do wonder if her return would be a good thing.
Perhaps the real question is not wether to make her come back or not but rather what for ?
Right. The only reason it should be done is if there's genuinely a good story to be told. Just pandering to the wishes of a fraction of the audience isn't a good enough reason. If you're afraid to make storytelling choices that might alienate some of your readers, you'll never be able to take any risks or do anything really significant or challenging. There were people offended by the inclusion of gay characters, by the devastation wrought in Destiny, by the decision to kill off a certain SCE regular or to resurrect Trip Tucker, etc. But those changes weren't reversed just because a few fans made a fuss about it or stopped reading the books.
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