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Re: Spider-Man movie (casting, rumors, pix till release)

I caught the trailer. I really liked it. It does seem considerably darker and more mature than the Raimi films, but I think that's a great approach. It also looks like they are trying to find a different conduit into the origins by exploring Peter's actual parents. I think that's a cool and different approach, and plus, you can't go wrong with Campbell Scott.

Honestly, the POV swinging sequence definitely felt like it could have come from the opening title sequence of Panic Room. The cinematography has these muted, dark colors that definitely seem reminiscent of Fincher. It's weird because I wasn't expecting the film to have this tone. I was judging from (500) Days of Summer, Marc Webb's debut, which was a pretty bright and relatively light-hearted film with some serious moments. The Amazing Spider-Man looks and feels completely different, though.

I'm on-board.
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