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Re: Which are the most hard scifi Trek novels?

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What you're looking for is novels by Christopher L. Bennett. His Ex Machina is not only highly enjoyable, it is as close to hard science as Star Trek gets.
Actually I consider Over a Torrent Sea to be the most hard-SF of my Trek novels, the one that's the most grounded in scientific extrapolation and depends the least on more fanciful stuff like transporters and telepathy and the like. But I always try to bring as much hard SF as possible to my work.

A number of other Trek novels have been written by authors who were known for their original hard-SF work and brought the same sensibilities to Trek. Twilight's End by Jerry Oltion is a good example. Anything by George Zebrowski (with either Pamela Sargent or Charles Pellegrino) would also count. And there's some good hard(-ish) science in the novels of Judith & Garfield Reeves-Stevens.

The SCE novella Spin had some pretty nifty hard-SF content, I thought.
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