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Re: TOS AMT Model build

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Of course, since the AMT kit is remarkably inaccurate (close enough to be "fun" but by no means "right"), you can do pretty much whatever you wish.
At least it was cheap. $17 for the model, another $30 (so far) for paint and glue. It is really too small to do anything impressive.
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The original-series model simply has a frosted glass dome
That's an easy out, probably my end solution. Flat white inside the dome and done.
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Say, a tube (probably one of those tubes they put M&Ms in?)
Really? Not familiar with those.
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but that bridge is about the size of a silver dollar isn't it?
Maybe a quarter.

I remember building plastic planes that had some molded detail under the clear canopy. But that was usually a pilot in a small confined space. This area represents probably more than 100 sq. ft.
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