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Re: TOS AMT Model build

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One of my builds when I was a teenager featured a carefully-drawn top-down view of the bridge based on the FJ Tech Manual. It wasn't a fantastic piece of artwork, but my biggest complaint wasn't the execution, but how two-dimensional it looked.
Yes, not very satisfying.
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why not try a small, phosphorescent disc.
If I don't glue down the dome, I could catch a firefly and put him in there. Maybe dress him in a little gold shirt. But if I frost the dome, all you would see is the light anyway.
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and coat the rest of the hull of the ship in a UV blocker.
SPF 85 or so?
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And since we're already taking a long walk off a short pier with some of these ideas
I love it!
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Gosh, this is so much easier when I don't have to actually do the work! I think I'm finally seeing the allure of management!
You don't have pointy hair, do you?
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