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Re: Resistance is Futile: The T.H.U.G. Collective is TRIP-tastic!!

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^^ That's why there's fanfiction, hon. I wrote "Happy Tears" precisely because I wanted to see Trip hold the baby.

btw, JiNX, Happy Birthday! I hope you have a wonderful day.
I recently reread "Happy Tears' and I couldn't agree more!

And maybe you can't screencap a fanfic, but you can certainly draw it. Over at the Expanse, one of our members (bluetiger) has become quite the prolific artist, and she often finds inspiration in what other people write. I know she's done one where Trip's got a sleeping baby in his arms--not Elizabeth, but a child from TnT's Happily Ever After.

And, if you write something and ask her to do an illustration, she'll usually say yes.
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