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Re: TOS Voice-Over Actor?

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I did find this (don't know how accurate it is, because it had horrible spelling mistakes that I corrected):
Wikiality wrote:
Captain Picard claims to be French, but is actually English due to the Globalization of Earth. In the twenty-fourth century there are only two countries, USA (consisting of North America, the European mainland, Upper, Middle, and Lower East, Asia, South America, and Antartica)* and its dependent protectorate of Great Britain (consisting of Great Britain.)
That seems more plausible to me... although I'm sure anybody on TBBS who is French born-and-raised would be insulted at the idea that anyone French would allow their language and accent to fall by the wayside.
I don't know what Wikiality is, but that excerpt is entirely made up. Very little has been established about the geopolitical divisions of 24th-century Earth, although we do know there is a country called the European Alliance (mentioned in "The Price") and one called North Am which incorporates the former United States (because Thomas Raymond's address in "The Neutral Zone" is "Indianapolis, North Am, Earth").
Wouldn't "North Am" simply be short for "North America"? I don't think the person responsible for that graphic meant to imply that there's a country called "North Am". By the mid 22nd c., nations are all just provinces anyway, as I understand it.
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