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^ There's a pretty lively discussion on Giant Bomb's ME3 forums regarding that pic compared to the first image of James Vega that was released earlier, apparently he had a slight makeover

I don't know, I just think his name is fucking stupid.
^Yeah, I'm sure his brothers Vic and Vincent were always making fun of him for it...And I still say he looks like a total meat head.

Manticore wrote: View Post
Serious uncanny valley there.

Can recruit him when the game comes out?
Yeah, unless that character has an earth shatteringly charming personality, I think I'll be Kaidening him Virmire style at the first opportunity. "Hey James, can you arm this nuke for me while the rest of us fly off over there? Be sure to shout when it goes off, there's a good chap!"

On an unrelated note, has anyone else seen this yet? I just came across it the other day. I don't know if the cosplay crowd have rules or anything, but this rather smacks of cheating to me.

Still, I'm interested to see the finished product.

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