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Re: Recruitment threadsfor playing Trek games on-line

Greetings to all!

Starfleet is a dedicated, online role-playing gaming community, commited to providing a fair, competetive and fun environment for people to play the games we love. We operate a militaristic structure, where people can gain rank, genuine authority and respect through skill, merit and good conduct. [SF] has been in consistent operation for over a decade, and we have a long and proven history of being respectful, mature and skilled gamers.

We welcome gamers of all skill levels, from all backgrounds, in all countries; we will provide training where needed, and give you the chance to train where merited. You are not even limited to ST: O, as we encourage interaction in multiple supported games (please see our recruitment poster) - there are numerous ways to shine in Starfleet.

Interested? Come visit us at, or our main forums at Like what you see there? A simple application, found HERE, and an easy oath on our main forums will get you started immediately. Our dedicated Basic Training Staff will give you the initiation, and from there the only limits are what you set yourself. Join today and help defend the Federation!!

Very Best Regards,

Lieutenant Commander Smash
Admissions Department CO

Feel free to direct any questions to me at the below areas

Xfire: xsargentsmashx

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