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Re: Transformers: Dark of the Moon - Discuss, Grading, Reviews (SPOILE

Just saw it. It was okay.

I found some of the story confusing in terms of the timeline. I thought Megatron was on Earth because he crashed chasing the AllSpark, but this movie made it out that the plan was always to move Cybertron to Earth as Sentinel was going to meet Megatron on Earth. It might make sense if I say a timeline ploted out but the entire thing from all 3 movies seems a bit of a mess.

Or why Megatron was brought back from the dead once (or was it twice, I really can't remember if he "died" in the 2nd movie), but they couldn't do the same for Sentinel? Anyway, the Decepticons aren't the smartest bunch. 200+ of them came out in DC and they didn't try to kill the President or blow up the Pentagon or why they even bothered setting up their main camp in the USA, the strongest power in the world and mostly likely to be able to foul up your plans. In fact why not do all of this on the moon? Why bring all that stuff to Earth in the first place?

The wing suit scene was cool, as long as you don't think about the logic behind it. It seemed like the most wasteful and unnecessary method possible to achieve their objective.

Prime ordering to "kill them all" and then executing Sentinel Prime sits uneasy with me. Prime has generally stood for everything that is good and just and it just seemed wrong for his character to say and do these things. Even the Decepticons at one point took prisoners until McDreamy decreed that it was execution time.

I did enjoy seeing Lester Speight, it brought back memories of those fantastic Terry Tates vids back in the early 2000s.
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