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Re: TOS AMT Model build

Of course, since the AMT kit is remarkably inaccurate (close enough to be "fun" but by no means "right"), you can do pretty much whatever you wish.

The original-series model simply has a frosted glass dome (I always thought it looked like part of a lamp cover, actually). When I built my AMT kit, I just wet-sanded this with fine-grit sandpaper and then coated it with Testors "Dullcote." It was close enough, I think.

Today, I don't think I could be satisfied with anything less than a little bridge miniature inside, though. It doesn't have to be "perfect" and it can be made from just a few bits of plastic.

Say, a tube (probably one of those tubes they put M&Ms in?) with flat panels inside, evenly space (perhaps painted or decorated with decals?) on a laminated sheet-plastic base.

Now for the BIG E coming from "Round2," I'm gonna have a serious bridge interior there... but that bridge is about the size of a silver dollar isn't it? More detail... a captain's chair, a helm console, etc, etc. I hope most of that is provided in-kit, but if not, it shouldn't be too hard to finish it off.

I expect a photoetch set to make it a near-perfect bridge replica, actually. Most of the bridge can be done, pretty easily, with a combination of two molded parts and several photoetch panels... not counting chairs, obviously (which could probably also be photoetch?)
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