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Re: The Dark Knight Rises Anticipation Station

@Samurai8472: Thanks for sorting out the youtube link.

@Myasishchev: One thing that could be taken away from Bruce is his illusion that Rachel was going to be with him. Another is his fortune, and his means of deploying his bat-gadgets. Bruce could be reduced to being just a naked and solitary man of no other stature, and in contrast with the first film with no possibility of "crying uncle" to return home to safety from the wilderness, as he did the first time. Others have suggested taking his health away. His mind, his sanity, everything he is, any crutch that he leans on, or anything that he depends upon, could be threatened. Does Batman depend upon any of these things that the mortal Bruce could lose? [/melodrama]

I find it interesting that Liam's voice is used in the new trailer.
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