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Re: The Dark Knight Rises Anticipation Station

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Well for one thing we know this Bruce Wayne is supposed to be in his formative years as Batman. He's already been through a lot. The last movie put him through the ringer with the loss of his childhood best friend/love interest/human anchor. That showed him what his mistakes can cost him. If Bane is indeed the heir/protege of Ra's al Ghul it's very possible that he knows all of this already, been watching from the shadows and is going to use psychological means to "break" Bruce.
That's what I mean, there's nothing left to take away from him, except his secret identity (which would be a pretty neat thing, and somewhat unprecedented, but nothing of which Batman cares about enough for it to hurt him), and Alfred (which would suck, but not be along the lines of the loss of a mate or child, neither of which this Batman has to lose).

I don't see Bruce having his back broken and then "rising" to save Gotham. There's not enough screen time in my opinion to depict that.
I dunno. The Dark Knight was about eight hours long.

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