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Re: Star Trek: From Risa With Love--An Adventure Of Dr. Julian Bashir

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Well, again, this chapter was written last year--before ZSG came out. I must admit, I was pretty disturbed when I discovered how eerily Mack's book paralleled my tale's concept--a mysterious, beautiful, innocent female S.I. agent who recruits Bashir on a mission--he gets in over his head--and it turns out she could well have her own mysterious agenda...and Bashir initially blinds himself to the clues right in front of him.

It's as if Mack and I were on a telepathic wavelength!
I suppose the fact that you were both on that wavelength is strong support for the "correctness" of the idea when it comes to interpreting Bashir's character. You both saw the possibility for something like this in how the character has been presented and portrayed so far.

It's interesting to see you write with a mind towards action, which isn't something you do very often (you're much more a conversation writer). So far, it's working well. I'm enjoying both the departures from your norm and the usual character work.

Of course Crolin's still alive, Cynthia! You need to watch more movies! Bashir, of course, knows better.
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