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Re: Star Trek: From Risa With Love--An Adventure Of Dr. Julian Bashir

And now, the continuation:

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
"From Risa With Love"
Chapter 9



“I was wondering…what was it you salvaged, anyway?”

A chuckle. “Julian…I told you, it’s need-to-know!”

“Well…as I said, we’d better be as safe as possible. Now…perhaps if you were to tell me what it is?”

“Oh, Julian.”

A chuckle of his own. “I’m serious! What is it?”

“Doctor…you don’t have to worry. I have it safe.”

“You’re certain?”

A smiling sigh. “Certainly.”

“If you say so. Still…if I knew exactly why it’s so important…?”

“Oh, Julian—do you really need to ask me all these questions?”

A moment’s pause, and a sigh. “No…I suppose not. Forget it.”

Another pause, longer this time.

“Julian…? Are you all right?”

“Hmm—oh, yes, of course. I guess I’m just…a little tired. That’s all.”

“Oh…you’re tired, are you?”

“Well…not quite that tired.”

Her chuckle, once again…and no more words for that night.

* * *

Crolin looked around at what remained of his men. Only nine of them had survived—not counting Mr. Crant, who was watching Bashir’s rooms. They were in what remained of the ground floor. The Risan officials had arrived immediately. Crolin had “explained” to them that there had been an accident in the maintenance level—that the power systems had overloaded. Of course, there was little to be called a Risan police force—this world prided itself on not needing such security measures. As such, an investigation would not be conducted for quite some time, as the authorities gathered the necessary number.

Not that it mattered. Thanks to Dr. Julian Bashir, the plan had failed completely. All that remained was to leave the planet, and disappear.

After revenge, of course.

Once again…I suppose it was our own fault. No locking down of the turbolifts—but then, we hadn’t thought it necessary to install such technical measures, as we wouldn’t be here that long.

His comm unit chirped. He held it up, and opened the line. “Well?” he said.

The whispering voice of Mr. Crant came on. “Bashir entered the Resort with the girl after the explosion. After some hours, I concluded that the girl either resides in the resort, or that she was conducting further plans with the doctor.”

“Go on.”

“I went to the hall outside Bashir’s suite. There was only one life sign inside.”

Crolin nodded. So…they gave a false name. Now…why would they do that? What is it about “Miss Gabrielle” worth hiding…?

“Go on,” he said again.

“Bashir left his suite about an hour ago. He still hasn’t come back.”

“Did you follow him?”

“No, he took the lift. You…informed me not to draw unnecessary attention to myself. I was waiting outside the door of a vacant room, to give others the impression that I was waiting outside it for the occupant to let me in. His suspicions may have been aroused, had I followed him.”

Crolin nodded. “Of course.”

“The lift descended two levels before it first stopped. One life sign exited the lift at that time. However, there was another man in the lift when he had first entered. After that stop, two more life signs entered the lift.”

Yes…an interesting lead—but it wasn’t much to go on….

Crolin concluded, “Very good. Inform me when he returns to his rooms.”

“Yes, Mr. Crolin.”

* * *
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