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Re: The Dark Knight Rises Anticipation Station

Out of curiosity, how could Bane "break" this Batman, short of crippling him?

I mean, Bruce Wayne has exactly one friend who is still alive, who will probably die soon anyway. Unlike the comics Batman, who could be targeted through his extended family (four Robins, three Batgirls, Catwoman, Huntress, and probably a bunch of other people who don't immediately spring to mind) and made to feel a great deal of psychological pain, the Nolanverse Batman has his aged, adoptive dad.

I guess he could reveal his identity, but that always struck me as one of Bane's cooler points, that he deduced Batman's name, but only used it as a means to find him when he wanted to rage on his vertebrae, rather than revealing it to the world and giving him problems indirectly.

Maybe Bane will send him on a soul-searing journey through time?

Incidentally, I'm pretty positive comics Bane is going to die in the last issue of Secret Six. I would bet a Coke on it, anyway.

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