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Re: "The Walking Dead" Season 2 Updates

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Which of the links are NOT spoilers
  • The Kirkman one has some answers that could be considered spoiler-worthy, though I think they're vague - mostly just related to naming future locations and the name of one future enemy. The first video at this link is the "first clip." The second one is a "behind the scenes" video with Robert Kirkman and does not have any spoilers either.
  • The Horder-Payton one does not (there's an interview with Darabont linked to at the bottom of that article that does have spoilers - some of which are like the ones in the Kirkman interview, but also a big one).
  • The Andrew Lincoln video interview does not at all.

  • The "first clip" does not; it's exactly what ObiWanShinobi described.
  • The "First Zombie of Season 2" featurette does not; it's about make-up, naturally.
  • The set videos at SpoilerTV do not; they're all of vehicles and zombies moving around.

Photos: I don't really think any of these would be considered spoilers, either, because they're basically just pictures of people, buildings, vehicles, and so on.

Cast announcements: I don't think the link about Pruitt Taylor Vince contains anything that could be considered a spoiler (again, just a small location mention). The article about Scott Wilson and Lauren Cohen gives a short description of their characters, a small mention of how Cohen's character will fit into the group, and one piece of information that could certainly be considered a spoiler (though it doesn't name specific characters and I don't think would surprise anyone). There's also a "behind the scenes" video (same one) on both of those articles that does not have any spoilers.

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More random -- other than subscribing to cable, was there any other way to get The Waling Dead (like Hulu or Netflix)....
Probably just the typical VOD options, like iTunes or Amazon Video.
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