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Re: Seven Of Nine/Jeri Ryan Appreciation Thread

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starlitegirl GREAT POST. I always think it's very ironic that 7 was brought in for the sex appeal and yet has almost no romantic/sexual interaction. They brought her in for her looks and what they got was a fascinating character with one of the best story arcs and character developments in all of Trek. Jeri Ryan of course had a lot to do with it because she is a superb and nuanced actor who seemed to thoroughly enjoy her role.

One great thing 7 brought to the series was her interaction with all the other characters which gave them character development themselves. Now as we all know the potential for conflict with the Maquis members was wasted but I think we saw some great conflict and challenges with 7 as the crew dealt with having an ex-Borg in their midst. She provoked a lot of strong reactions in people, with Janeway and the Doctor very protective of her.
Exactly! This is why I don't understand any hate people have for her. I get that she was eye candy. She is gorgeous! But her character was amazing. She was fascinating and she brought a whole new species to the Trek series. A Borg having to become human because they were assimilated pre-puberty? That is such an awesome concept and they really did a great job with it.

I was a fan of Kes. I loved her abilities! But I think that once Seven came onto the series it kicked it up past awesome for me. It was great before Seven, but after Seven, it was phenomenal!
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