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Re: I.S.S. Titan & I.S.S. Ares

Here are images from a new U.S.S.Titan mesh that I consulted on over at by
VALKYRIE013. While Ellery Connell’s Titan Mesh is still the official mesh for the Titan, Ken and I
Fleshed out some things that Ellery and I never had time to complete before deadline.
Like the Shuttle landing zone on the runway in front of the shuttle bay, and some of the greeble
Detailing in the saucer rim.
With the shuttle bay and landing zone outside of it, I always envisioned a set of lifts that could be used for cargo
Loading or shuttle storage and launching like a Runabout pad on DS9.
While Ken is not completely finished with this Meshes I wanted to Officially Indorse his great work here on my design.
We are still hopefully going to flesh out the Captain’s Yacht and the shuttle bay more. But over all a great take on my design.
Now hopefully the guys over at Cryptic can take a look at this and Ellery’s Mesh and come up with a more accurate playable
version of the Luna Class.
Here is a link to the build Thread:

Sean P. Tourangeau: Designer U.S.S. Titan
Valkyrie013 U.S.S. Titan Mesh
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