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Re: "James Bond 23" officially slated for 2012!

Could be. Craig has said that for his third film he wishes to have some of the more traditional Bond elements, and with Moneypenny in the movie Q should be in it as well. Hopefully though, they'll go for more practical gadgets to fit Craig's Bond (Which CR sort of had with the tracking device and the remote heart thing) like the FRWL briefcase and not invisible rocket-launching cars. Especially since the budget is apparentally going to be a bit lower this time.

Hopefully Bardem and Fiennes are the villains. While I like Craig's Bond and his films, the villains and henchmen have been sorely lacking with the exception of mr.white (Who due to Jesper Christensen's comments on the films might not be invited back).

I hope we have more solid casting/publicity for the film soon.
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