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Re: Bring Back Janeway panel from Shore Leave audio now available

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Jolan Tru,

Well, as I figure out this tech stuff I am proud to announce that The G and T Show (a podcast devoted to Trek lit and Trek writing) the Bring Back Janeway panel from the 2011 Shore Leave is now available for you to listen to. It runs just under an hour.

(Ummm, a note to Kirsten Beyer...I was unable to edit the comment at the very begining, I truly am sorry...the one where you say why you are out of breath. I am REALLY sorry!!!!)

You can go to and listen to it, or, for those who would like to download it for their iPod or other mp3 device, you can go to: - and *shameless plug* also subscribe to The G and T Show.

I will apologize for the audio from some of the people asking questions, there were some pretty good fans blowing in there and the room was packed, but I think when Ms. Beyer replies to the people you will get what their question was.

Enjoy and hope you become fans of the show!

Any way to grab an mp3 without having to install iTunes?
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