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Re: Questions for Bring Back Janeway Panel

Tidus79001 wrote: View Post
we should all be subjected to you ignoring the majority of fans who want that beloved character back.
You've counted them all?

Edit: Mmm, sorry kimc, I answered this not realising you had issued a request that we leave the issue alone.

Sharon Smith said:
Professor Frazetti, found that only 8% of Trek Fans actually purchased and read Trek Novels.
When Richard Arnold represented Paramount at ST conventions (he was "Star Trek Archivist" from ST IV till Roddenberry's death), he used to say that Paramount's estimation of a ST movie audience was that it contained approx. 10% fans, and that less than 1% of the movie audience regularly bought and read licensed tie-ins. They could calculate that based on cinema tickets and tie-in sales.

The hardest parts of such statements are: how do you know the difference between casual and diehard fans (ie. during the height of TNG's popularity, a huge number of the general public admitted in polls to identifying as a "Star Trek fan" in that, yes, they watched it on TV regularly); what about fans who go back to a movie over and over and over?; and what about fans who borrow their friends' ST books and comics?
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