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Re: Charting the Novel-verse

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True, Titan includes a character created for the Starfleet Academy comic, but I don't think that necessarily means the actual stories of that comic are part of the same continuity. It could just be a case of one version of the continuity adopting a character from a different version, like the way Batman comics adopted Harley Quinn and Renee Montoya from the animated series.

As for the Assignment: Earth comic, it contradicts the Eugenics Wars novels in several respects, so the whole thing can't fit into the Lit-verse unless you treat it as an alternate timeline.

Ultimately, it's up to the individual reader to decide which works fit together and which don't. Some readers are willing to gloss over inconsistencies that others aren't.
Agreed. And as Christopher may remember, I am one of those readers more willing to shake off an inconsistency.

However, regarding Starfleet Academy, it is worth noting that other than Pava on Titan, DS9: Cathedral established Nog`s membership in Omega Squadron as well as the squads infamous journey to Talos IV, the precursor to the "Telepathy War" crossover. Also- the TNG entry in the Section 31 series utilized backstory for Marta Batanides that was originally esablished in SA issue (IIRC) # 10.
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