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Re: TOS Voice-Over Actor?

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Vic Perrin (who was probably best known for the prologue voice-over on “The Outer Limits”) also did the voice of Nomad if I remember correctly and he appeared on screen as Tharn in Mirror Mirror. For some reason though, his voice credits were always easier to find than the one I originally inquired about.
His on-camera acting roles also include a George Reeves Superman episode, an appearance on Dragnet, and the Twilight Zone ep “People are Alike All Over” with Roddy McDowall and Susan Oliver.

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. . . In actual fact, he may be “best known” - as in having his voice heard by the broadest group of people - for the recorded voice instructions in AEDs.
Which are what, exactly?

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Jimmy Doohan actually talked about that quite frequently. It was his take on what a Scotsman might sound like 300 years in the future. He discussed it at some length with Tom Snyder on the Tomorrow Show in a 1976 appearance that also featured Koenig and De Kelley
And Martin Luther King, jr personally talked Nichols into staying on Star Trek.
Right. And Dick Van Dyke’s “mockney” accent in Mary Poppins was his take on what a London Cockney might sound like in . . . uh . . . in some parallel universe or something.

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One wonders if Nichols ever had the same mischievous twinkle in her eye while telling her MLK stories that Doohan had when talking about his 300-year-old Scottish accent.
300 years hence, I assume you mean.

Yes, I figured Doohan was probably pulling our collective leg with that “future Scotsman” remark.
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