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Re: Columbia NX-02 backstory?

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What else is there to tell? We saw the NX-02 launch during the series, then there's her brief bit in the Romulan war right after the series and then that leads stright to the end of Columbia in the amazing Destiny trilogy of books. Where can they fit in new stories?

I'd MUCH rather a series of novels set on the USS Kelvin. Captain Robau, George and Winona Kirk (who came from the novels), Anchloss and the Bug Eyed Nurse have much more story potential.
Ok, that is a good point, but there is much more story in between that could be told just as have been done with ships that were featured in their own series. There has to be much more story to tell that that. They must have had more the just a handful of mission as all ship & crews do.

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